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More than 90% of our senior students have DJ live experience(s) domestically before graduation.
・Casual & International Environment!
No limitation of ages, genders, and races.
From young ages to eldest Mid 50's from 22 countries.
・Chance to DJ in OVERSEAS!
'15 September - 3rd Oversea DJ Tour in Chengdu, China.
'15 April - 2nd Oversea DJ Tour in Tokyo, Japan
'13 November - 1st Oversea DJ Tour in Tokyo, Japan
* Oversea DJ Programs are only applicable to students upon successful graduation and stringent selection processes.
 Show Ning Lab, founded by DJ toMU (originally from Japan, currently residing in Singapore) in 2012, is the only Singapore DJ talent agency & DJ/ Digital Music training center officially endorsed by Audio-Technica,
as well as in partnership with 3FAITHS DJ SCHOOL (Tokyo/ Japan) and Noizy Box DJ Studio (Chengdu/ China).

 Since establishment, Show Ning DJ Lab has had the young ups till adults.
 To date, Show Ning Lab has groomed learners from internationally more than 22 countries.

 Our success to grow our learners’ musical abilities has been proven as they continue to progress with perseverance.
 As an agency, we have continuously organized party events regularly including furnishing domestic DJ gigs locally and overseas to our talents.